Thérèse’s books integrate mindfulness meditation with the latest research in brain science, offering practical, easy-to-use-applications. Look for her newest publication in May 2016–A Kinder Voice: Releasing Your Inner Critics with Mindfulness Slogans.

Thérèse is a recognized expert in emotional intelligence, mindfulness meditation, and compassion-based cognitive psychotherapies. She is the author of Mindfulness and the 12 Steps: Living Recovery in the Present Moment (2010), which offers recovering people a new resource and fresh perspective for developing their own spiritual path. Included are lessons from ancient and modern Buddhist teachers, and a guided approach to putting mindfulness practices into action.

Her first book, Paths are Made for Walking: Practical Steps to Attaining Serenity (2003), is a mix of science, stories, and practical exercises, offering a step-by-step guide of meditations that can re-wire your brain’s pathways for the better.

A Kinder Voice

Releasing Your Inner Critics with Mindfulness Slogans


You’ve probably heard it said, and have maybe spoken the words yourself, “I am my own worst critic.” A negative internal running commentary can undermine self-confidence and create feelings of deficiency in many people.

In this book, Thérèse offers one of the most effective approaches to calming a self-critical mind: the ancient Buddhist practice of using “Compassion Slogans.” Combining thought-awareness, loving-kindness practice, and mindfulness meditation, this simple, time-tested method can be used throughout the day to quiet your critical voices and ease the mind. Through short, accessible phrases, you will learn to reorient your thinking when your inner critic shows up. Instead of making a negative thought stronger by fighting it, you will learn to let thoughts dissipate through mindful attention. When you remember to “begin kindness with yourself,” you will find that keeping a compassionate perspective on all that you do and say, will allow you to transform your inner critic with a kinder voice.

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A Kinder Voice is a wise and compassionate book you’ll want to go back to again and again for its steady, practical, healing instructions. In it you’ll find inspiration from wisdom traditions, meditations both ancient and contemporary, and scientific information that will convince you of the down to earth efficacy of the teachings here contained. Thérèse Jacobs-Stewart is a ground-breaking master therapist and teacher with a clear gentle voice. I learned so much from this marvelous book.”
-Zoketsu Norman Fischer, poet and Zen priest, author of What Is Zen? Plain Talk for a Beginner’s Mind and Experience: Thinking, Writing, Language, and Religion. .

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Mindfulness and the 12 Steps

Living Recovery in the Present Moment


A fresh resource to help those in recovery from addiction find their own spiritual path through the Buddhist practice of mindfulness.

In recent years, people of diverse social and religious backgrounds have embraced the Buddhist philosophy of mindfulness, or bringing one’s awareness to focus on the present moment, to enrich their mental and spiritual lives.

Mindfulness and the 12 Steps provides those in recovery with a new resource and fresh perspective for developing their own spiritual path. While revisiting each of the Twelve Steps, readers explore the interplay of ideas between mindfulness and Twelve Step traditions and learn to incorporate mindfulness into their path toward lifelong sobriety. Reflections and questions for inquiry are complemented by stories from Buddhist teachers and members of the author’s mindfulness recovery group, as well as by her personal story of recovery as a practicing Buddhist.

Mindfulness and the 12 Steps will help awaken new thinking and insights into what it means to live fully—body, mind, and spirit—in the here and now.

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Hazelden, a national nonprofit organization founded in 1949, helps people reclaim their lives from the disease of addiction.

“Wonderful book, very well written and deeply satisfying. My friends and I are actually reading this book in a meditation group we have organized.”
– Jake B., 2015

Took my recovery to another level. I gained real freedom from panic attacks.”
– Erica L., 2015

“This book changed my life. I understand the 12-Steps and mindfulness at a much deeper level.”
– Colin M., 2014


“This is a remarkable book. Thérèse tells her personal story of recovery with the artistry of a memoirist; then she draws on an impressive range of knowledge in psychology, spirituality, and the Twelve Steps to show us the way out of the morass of pain and confusion that addiction creates. This is a book that is moving and inspiring, while at the same time full of practical guidance.”
– Kevin Griffin, author of Recovering Joy: A Mindful Life After Addiction and One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps.

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Paths Are Made By Walking:

Practical Steps for Attaining Serenity


A unique synthesis of science and the study of the spirit, this book not only explains the power of meditation to create new neural pathways in the brain but, more important, shows us how to reap the valuable rewards of using it everyday. Drawing on ancient spiritual traditions from both East and West, Jacobs-Stewart offers twenty mindful, contemplative practices that help you improve relationships and calmly deal with the frustrations of daily life.

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“Jacobs-Stewart is a pathbreaker, exploring the spiritual dimensions of emotional intelligence…[This book] offers both wise and practical advice for spiritual seekers.”
– Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence.

“Integrates scientific understanding with ancient wisdom practices…compassionately encourages us toward a greater peace and freedom in our lives.”
– Sharon Salzberg, author of Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience.

“Clear, precise, pragmatic…Open to a page and find yourself immediately absorbed. Read two pages and you are rehearsing a new way of being.”
– Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones.

“It is to the Spirit as The Artist’s Way is to creativity. A wonderful book.”
– Ruth Elaine Hane, 2010

“The explanation of the science behind emotions is easy to understand and I found it totally fascinating. The information about ancient wisdom practices fed my spirit and I felt a little more connected to the universe.”
– Tracy Whalen, 2010

“I offer my thanks to the author, for providing me the most plausible and beneficial business tool I have encountered in over 15 years of specialization in turbulent launch merger Corporate-America, and a resource that I use every day, both professionally and personally.”
– Deena Ebert, 2011